Drip Salve

by Supply and the Man

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Recorded and produced by Supply and the Man, Oct 2015 - Feb 2016 at Dawson Crickey Studios in Seattle, WA.


released July 1, 2016

Al Reiter - Drums
Kris Gray - Guitar, Vocals
Jason Shao - Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Bass on 'Warm Lite'
Shadough Williams - Vocals, Bass, Guitars on 'Warm Lite'

Special thanks: Richard Hoag, Isaac Rivelle, Julene Conner & Ralphie the Dog. And Mark McGrath.



all rights reserved


Supply and the Man Seattle, Washington

Supply and the Man play music with zest and allure. Motorboating our way into the vacation house of your third eye. Barney loves us. We love Barney.

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Track Name: Brainhead Megadrone
guess i'm on a roll again
send thanks to my ventriloquist
it knows just all the right words to say
heard the voices mingling
between the grooves of vinyl screens
the information lends itself through thee

i'll harvest reaction to harness creation
sublingual subwoofer
it soaks through your soul sponge
a supernatural occurrence that will breed dissidence/(dissidents)

you must have audacity to order me around and things
when all I get is scraps you toss away
entitlement will do you in when most of us are living thin
it's not that hard to find out where you live

you'll see that we'll marry these morals while clinging
desperately to drowning. survival's the matter
you've pissed on everything. subverted the feeling
you're time now

amplified, electrified, the effervescent mob, it lies
deep within the infrastructure's rot
time goes on coagulating into something bigger still
you won't know where or when it manifests
Track Name: Terrestrial Comrade
saw the devil in a porno
it took all my potential away from the one I adore
I am the product of an illness
experimented lab rats
let's see what this trigger shows
pleasure my psychopathic makeup is stretching out it's spectrum
let's keep tabs on this deranged one
he seems to have increasing influence
she can construct a sentence
a paragraph in a letter

brain, brain go away
come back some other way
something clever yet to say
the ego snowball wants to play

cradle my terrestrial comrade
elusive to the danger
a paradise minus forty hours
she knows the pattern that my thoughts weave
my explicit projection
and everything between the lines
diablo perusing through the dream world
possessing voice familiar
pay no mind, it's not who you think
thoughts tuck away into a coma
a Warm Lite all consuming
embrace each other as if one
Track Name: Cowlick Salt Night
if you were a kite
I would make you mine
pull you in away from sky
Present should reveal
if you peel it back
what am I to do with that?

could it be he's been wrong about himself all along?
woke up on the wrong side of the womb
if he made a mistake to shake things up and change the locks on his brain
could anything be different?
here it comes the big Q/(queue) in the void

I should really go
but I can't be alone
tongue is tied in a slip knot
heard your news was good
and all your plans were made

can't do that, I'm a fool
or too sharp to play true
all I need's another mind
this one's tired
well, thank god the nature game has me spending the night with you
i'm magnetized to mention
you're the best help I could choose
I love you
Track Name: Radberry Dream Peg
strike where you see fit
he's lying ill-equipped
stars are in his mind
his thoughts run out of time
and he can't get a plane ticket out of the country
and he can't reconfigure any new history
he's next in line for the memory transplant

hair whips in his face
her scent, it permeates
calling me back to say...
the music echoes on
explode and then dissolve
waves of the way we were

does anybody in here know where they are?
a house of mirrors in every direction
ad space on the back of my eyelids
Track Name: Dog God It
wanna be a Dog
no deadlines. no moral imperative
sleeping through my days
Man, everything's great
swimming tobasco lake
tongue on fire
where is my taco?
seeping through my skin
a reincarnation

I wonder where I'd wake up
a food chain loyalist on top of it all
a discipline-ridden machine
living in computer's dreams

wanna be a God
no deathbed. entertainment forever
everybody vying to please me all the time
the stories that you spin
to try and justify the sleight that you give
yeah, you're a holy man
you know me better than I do

I wonder if i'd get bored
watching humanity evolve and devolve
another war waged in my name
how much longer will I be blamed?
Track Name: Dyslexic Palindrome
say goodbye to the ones you love
they are staring at the screens with ambivalent poses
salivating when bell is rung
the stimulation grows simultaneously numbing
flatulating alphabets out of opposite orifice
discordant chorus
laminating nerve endings
you can't even sense yourself, but you remember the feeling

well, I wonder if y'all heard about me
i'm leading a trail to stupidity
let me tell you what I like about me
well, I've got needs and i'm gonna feed
on the future livestock I must deplete
baby's/(babies') dreaming obsolete

imitating advertisements
I identify with intimidation
you're a pawn in my game of life
manipulate to satisfy
kissing asses in a classy way
hierarchy frames my state of mind
and to that I am obedient
knowing that it promises a higher placing
Track Name: Reel-to-Real
stare all you want
it won't change a thing
she's on to something
you just can't perceive

...in the endless reel-to-reel of your life when will you believe in the endless real time of your life calling back to see you were...

prone to elapse (a lapse)
recreate the past forgets
glued to a memory
shards of glass to your blind spot

I was walking with my shoes untied...
Track Name: Scam City
when I was awake I fell into an anxious wasteland without knowing
I need a chore to do to fake it
you could see my face and I would roll with the punches eating lunches
to keep my winning stride I'll take it
this would last a while, wallowing with a drunken pack of hyenas
I like to fill my mind up with anything it can be

when I was a lake I filled my appetite with toxic diarrhea
my skin is changing color, swirly sludge
feelings were insane, the psychics were projecting nowhere, watching TV
call 1-800-RIP-OFFF, per second
everyone had flaws, a pre-apocalyptic isolation nightmare
robotic family swap-out. Scam City, U.S. or A.

when I was a saint, I would role play as a passive
without question...
Track Name: Warm Lite
color this in a way that you'd like to see
through your mind a dream departs to me
horizon's encroaching ceiling
a violent sky all undulating
trembled thoughts vibrate your heart strings
I can hear your melody
and I see clouds give way to Warm Lite
shine on your face as if a child
love take us far away to our own gravity