Lady Salamander

by Supply and the Man

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Recorded Nov 2012 at Wolfs Lupus Studios (Fremont, Seattle, WA)
Engineered and produced by Jason Shao
Mastered by Adam Straney at Breakpoint Mastering


released August 15, 2013

Shadough Williams - Vocals, Bass
Kristopher Gray - Guitar, Vocals
Jason Shao - Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Al Reiter - Drums

All songs © 2013 by Supply and the Man



all rights reserved


Supply and the Man Seattle, Washington

Supply and the Man play music with zest and allure. Motorboating our way into the vacation house of your third eye. Barney loves us. We love Barney.

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Track Name: Cozy Napalm Blanket
my world got a little brighter
now that you're in my head
you can do anything, no consequence

you have control of my limbs
now I am robbing banks
rich people's bank accounts i'm handing over

my love is shimmering lava
rolling through cityscapes
ashing the atmosphere until I find you

vowels are blending with each other
no one can understand
each other's dialect but yours and mine

heaven wants us to come early
waiting for the big party
been inflating a big beach ball for millennia

i just hope the jukebox is rad
otherwise procrastinate
distract ourselves, take our time
we are alive
Track Name: Syndicate [Set it on Fire]
all your life you've looked down on your shoes
trying hard not to appear the fool
dad was proud to buy your braces
though he never tied your laces

just lay on the couch after school
watch whatever the syndicate has for you
all your daddy's cars were aces
but he never came to see your races

now the bugs are milling in the house
with my heart and mind I may delouse
the words i simply cannot place them
my body hums but silence takes me

with cold hands and feet, your eyes feel beat

set it on fire
all around your world
set it on fire
then you come unfurled

all your life you've been a loyal dog
trying hard to forget what's across the hall
may your sisters dream grey horses
cannot bite the hand that feels them

remember me for what i've seen you through
never mind my heart is kind of blue
i may be sad but sad with reason
i'll lay upon my grave to save them

set it on fire
won't you come undone
set it on fire
you are the one
Track Name: Alien in Totality
galaxy is calling...
( there anyone out here?)
Track Name: Aliens Drop Acid
been awake for too long to feel excitement
by the ordinary routine life
play-doh makes cool shapes
when you're five or thirteen
minutes away from your bedtime

i think dreams are amazing
when i remember
characters that did not take significance in reality
but then make me feel so much empathy
well what is real?

galaxy is calling
the phone line is busy
the pundits scream distracting
aliens drop acid

staring at computer screens with fake eyes
blurring the image
rolling through auto-mind
while your frequency adds on decibels
to the noise that's already rolling

through the imagination of many
projecting inward
thoroughly thrashing the scope of reason
limiting eyesight past all the givens
shaking the present

galaxy is calling
hollywood so lonely
humanity in vanity
aliens drop acid
Track Name: Bored Games
i was young in a land of milton bradley
we were walking along the boardwalk
on our way to go to jail
you asked me do you wanna take a chance
and i said yeah - what the hell

we drove into the setting sun
and the world turned in reverse
i threw my money at a pack of dogs
and the president he kicked my ass

we were getting lost in a lap of luxury
i said let's take a break from gambling
all our savings away
drinking up some cups of sand
it went down so very well

i dug a hole and raised a flag
in whatever land that i was in
the world set aside that day
and now the devil worships me
Track Name: Data Shake
when i feel the air settling
your words enunciate mine
failed days with old ways reversed
these pages have no lines
we live with grace
we love each other's face

(over and over / riding a comet)
universe has proven we are meant to be
(toasting the ocean / all of the way)
scaling back the defenses of you and me

when i feel the weather changing
your thoughts disassociate with mine
tired ways with new days cursed
important feelings taxed
we fade with haste
reverberate each other's pain

(all the way down / straight to the bottom)
just another lonely case of apathy
(twisting your language / i'm feeling sick)
one more time around and maybe then we'll see
Track Name: Doll-Shaped Song
somebody opened the door
of this room - it wasn't open
they took an asset of mine
it'll never be recovered

i know these are desperate times
you didn't care who you fucked over
i can only afford peanut butter
but you should know i practice voodoo

you're taking form in my doll-shaped song
let's see if you can't stretch long

i hope the drugs you bought give you a headache
that lasts forever, immune to advil
is that too mean or not mean enough
i'm second-guessing my ill wishes

maybe you have children that need feeding
and you thought my possession unnecessary
everybody says i don't deserve it
so i hope that this decision will haunt you

you're taking form in my doll-shaped song
let's see if you can't stretch long
taking form in my doll-shaped song
let's see if you can't twist wrong
Track Name: Hexponential Foam Charger, Man
hexponential foam charger, man
Track Name: Easy & Cheep
i could tell by the way you walked in the room
blowing kisses to the delicate puffing goons
alopecia stripping your moral hairs
move so subtle and so gradual we just can't tell
...or don't care

but i see the motives in your eyes
your soul is just too loud to hide
you thought your charades would do just fine

call collect and give the others all your change
can't believe i put in as much as i did
riding heels of people who got it right
slutting out to the sounds of something easy
...and cheap

well i don't need to have you believe in me
i'm inspired by this adversity
have fun feeling like we think you're cool

cause i see the motives in your eyes
your soul is just too loud to hide
you thought your charades would do just fine...
Track Name: Rabbit Hole
kill yourself to stay alive
in that situation - manipulation
mollify that strange sensation
with your eyes half open
and your heart half broken

friends of yours - they talk it over
she just doesn't know any better
foolish me - i hold my hopes up
but it's the same old story
since i first showed up

i've heard it all
the insolence from indecisiveness
and i've seen your eyes
the way your body breaks down
when you are being cut down
Track Name: Monsters Are Real
i was walking In the middle of the road
just like a whale swimming upstream
getting everybody's goat

in your brain i'll infest
we will manifest
into something else
take haste!

i was expressing dissatisfaction at abrupt volume
this shit escalated into shit mountain's

shit-boarding it ain't cool
i followed all of the rules
it left broken bones and bruises on you

i looked into the mirror - what did i see?
monsters are real
Track Name: Free Dumb
let the sun go down on us
we've waited forever to come into our own
hail to supernova kingdom
he's holding all the cards

wading in the tides of freedom
they move in and they move out
sends my soul into salvation
don't care if it's just in my mind

do you want to?

i was floating in the cloud dust
on my way to peter
i was looking ghostly
fetus was ascending
into mother angel's womb
laid in emergency room
i was born in a hotel in the sky
Track Name: Girl With Suggestions
well they said you were the one
or the two we've always needed
someone far away from here
where mom and fetus are now meeting

but now you fell and skinned your knee
oh that's quite the sight to see
your magic's bright when you are bleeding
are you there? we are receiving

oh lady salamander the first
won't you show us the worst?
in the creek bed we lurk
won't you show us the works?

each blank expression on your face
leaves the infant mind to wonder
is it cruel or is it kind
ambiguity's a crime

hello starry i bring gifts
you're prepared to throw a fit
throw a pitcher to a dugout
don't look now because he snuck out

well they said you were the one
or the three we've always wanted
someone far away from here
but now you're back and now you flaunt it

now you fell and lost your knee
and that is what I want to see
but now you're out with mark and stevie
are you there - we are repeating

oh lady salamander the first
won't you show me the worst?
in the creek bed we lurk
won't you show me the works?